who we are

YesTime is a NYC-based technology company making machine learning help with the marketing efforts businesses and events.

The business was launched in 2016 and our service offering has evolved to a full service marketing platform with intelligent revenue drivers for your business.

our core values

customers come first

We listen to our customers, are available for our customers and solve problems for our customers.

corporations need to give back

YesTime and its founders personally and professionally are active in giving back to the community whether it’s reduced prices for our services for charitable organizations or training young people. Expect YesTime to stand up for human rights and help bridge the digital divide as core causes.

privacy & transparency

YesTime’s ultimate responsibility is to any consumer is interacting with our technology, whether they know it or not. We insist that our customers adhere to data sharing and storage where the end consumer’s right to privacy is respected.

We will opt-out of commercial relationships if this is not the case.


Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

team member
John N. Pasmore

Formerly the CEO in the venture-backed, video-based travel platform VoyageTV. VoyageTV raised a $10 million A-Round from Syncom Venture Partners and was sold in 2013. He sits on the Board of Directors of Outward Bound USA, and holds a BS from State University of New York and attends Columbia University pursuing a CS degree.

team member
Product Manager

Claud has a diverse and international ten years experience as a Sr. project manager for agencies in the US and Europe, and for startups and Enterprise clients. Her portfolio includes AR, software development, e-websites and branding identity development. She has a law degree and currently resides in Europe. She works at Yestime as the bridge between developers and stakeholders, and drives the team and execute projects.

team member
Erwin Bredy
Systems Architect and Advisor

Erwin is a software engineer and worked with start- up and corporation and serves as the tech advisor to the team of developers and engineers at Yestime. He has an Engineering degree from St. Andrews University.



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